What is Supreme Auto Body about?

Supreme Auto Body is your state of the art collision repair facility. We meet our goals by utilizing todays most advanced systems in the

collision repair industry and combining them with our highly trained and certified repair technicians. This assures that your vehicle is repaired to factory specs, pre-accident condition


Supreme Auto Body is the repair shop in Jamaica NY. Our state of the art processes are U.L. inspected and approved and we even earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which means you can trust us with your vehicle!

Our staff at Supreme Auto Body are all geared toward high quality repairs at a fast pace. We purchase only high quality materials that perform well every step of the repair process. We have a work flow system that moves the repairs from the first step which is estimating to the final step of detailing a finished product.

Established in 1987 we are located off the Merrick Blvd. section of jamaican NY right accross from Row Wilkins Park Southern Queens Park. We have been family owned and operated in our current location for over 20 years. Supreme Auto Body has held several auto body contracts in New York. We'ved repaired for government organizations such as the US Post Service, General Services Administration as well as non-profit organizations. Supreme Auto Body is also a licensed as a New York State Insurance Adjuster. We know how to deal with insurance companies in the best interest of our customers.


Clearshield Application Before
Before Process
Clearshield Application Durning
During Process
Clearshield Application After
After Process

Service to Your Satifaction

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